Good, bad or ugly: Impact of Covid-19 on PR Industry

Unfurling of the ‘Bad’ time and space COVID-19 has created: Like any other sector, PR and Communications industry too is impacted due to this pandemic. As the clients retract retainers, prefer stirring or avoiding participating in media quotes and the most important battle is real-time crisis surfacing due to COVID-19 outbreak. Hence, Impact on PR Industry is enormous. 
In term of operations, the major challenge which is being faced is the cancellation of public launches and events, the traditional marketing and PR have completely gone for a hit. Also, the major challenge is to build clients visibility when the entire media universe is only reporting news of pandemic and the crisis. 
When we talk about the bad impact the of the COVID-19 on PR sector the first thing which pops up the mind is that will PR Industry be able to sustain? As we cannot deny the fact that the industries will start considering the hiring of PR agencies at least till sometime in the future hence, which can be…

Covid-19: Ushering a New Era of Work Culture

Dynamics of Work from Home By- Syed Athesham, HR Head, Impact Public Relations
The world is undergoing huge transformation in view of global outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) which has so far taken heavy toll on human lives. Never before, the world faced a pandemic of such unprecedented magnitude. It has pushed the entire world on the brink of a social and economic uncertainty. Global economy has slowed down and stock markets have crashed. Businesses across industries are witnessing direct impact and will continue to do so in the times of uncertainty.  Though, the government is taking immediate measures to control this outbreak, however the battle seems to be a very long drawn. It is a fact now that Covid-19 would usher a new era of work culture. NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant has termed this phase as Industrial Revolution 4.0 and he anticipates that Work from Home (WFH) would accelerate this revolution.
Industry wise, there has been a substantial impact on IT & ITES. In fact,…

Move On! The New Trends in PR Are Here

A lot has changed in the PR world in the last two decades. Gone are the days when PR used to be confined to just image building, media relations, television and radio coverage, press release dissemination, etc. All thanks to the emergence of the Internet, we are all breathing in the Information Age which seems to have opened up quite a lot of windows of opportunities for Public Relations. Now all there is left for the PR professionals is to get a good hold of the slightest of changes in trends and squeeze profit out of them.
Like in every other sector, trends change in the PR industry and it’s no news. With the ever evolving PR tools, PR professionals are now more often required to upgrade their knowledge and tactics to fit into the game. But the crucial part is that, one needs to be really keen in observing the changes happening in the PR universe. To keep your public relations strategy running smoothly and limit the chances of any block, it is highly recommended to keep checking o…